Tutti Frutti

I am really starting to love Thailand, for many reasons, one of them being all of the fresh fruit.  Fresh fruit of a million different varieties can be found every few blocks…already cut and prepared, ready to be purchased and eaten!  There are many common fruits like cantelope, honeydew melon, bananas, pineapple and papaya…but I have loved getting to try the more exotic fruits, like water apple, jack fruit, palmelo, green (unripe) mango with salt and chilis, and dragon fruit.  At home, I don’t really eat much fruit, until blueberry season comes around, but, in Thailand, I would say fruit has become a main staple in my diet.  It is so fresh and so sweet…easy to come by and affordable, I eat it at every meal.  I wish I could let you taste jack fruit and water apple (they can be purchased at any Asian market in Atlanta…so go buys some!) because they are both so different and unique that I can’t really describe the taste…but I did take some pictures!

Jack Fruit


Water Apple

  1. I’m loving all the updates! Miss you guys!