Dark Chocolate Bark

…with sea salt, pistachios and apricots.  

Sometimes there is just nothing better than a perfect piece of dark chocolate.

In fact, my morning routine includes drinking a liter of water, brewing a steaming cup of coffee, and eating a piece of super dark chocolate.  Every morning.  Don’t judge!  For me, chocolate and coffee are a necessary part of every day.

This recipe came about after I fell IN LOVE with the Lindt Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar. The combination of sweet and salty is completely crave worthy.  So, I started dreaming up new sea salt and chocolate combinations.  This one is my favorite.  It is SO simple to make and it has been a huge hit every time I’ve served it.  

You can play around with the toppings and substitute them for any fruit and nut combo.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!!


Dark Chocolate Bark with Sea Salt, Pistachios and Apricots

10 ounces of dark chocolate

1/2 Cup toasted pistachios

1/2 Cup dried apricots, chopped

Sea salt for sprinkling (I use 1 teaspoon of Maladon Salt)

Line a baking sheet with parchment.  Now, create a double-boiler.  Place a heat safe glass or metal bowl on top of a pot of water filled 1/3.  Gently bring it to a boil.  Place the chocolate in the bowl and stir continually, scraping the sides, until the chocolate melts.

Now, pour the melted chocolate onto your lined baking sheet.  Use a rubber spatula to spread the chocolate evenly across the baking sheet.

Now, top it with the sea salt, apricots and pistachios.  Set it aside and let it solidify at room temperature.

When it has hardened, break it apart into rough two bite pieces.  Store in an air tight container.


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Posted on November 8, 2013 by LindsayTarquinio · 0 comments

Hey, like this post? Why not share it with a friend?

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