What’s in Season?

What's in Season?


When you think of February, you probably don’t think of bountiful seasonal produce…but a quick trip to your local Whole Foods will quickly change your mind! As you walk in the door, you are greeted with the lovely colors of beets, red chard and gorgeous citrus. February offers fabulous produce to spice up your kitchen.

February’s Best Produce

Leafy Greens
Sweet Potatoes
Brussels Sprouts

With these amazing fruits and veggies, the possibilities are endless! So, head out to the store- bypass the ever so tempting tomatoes and strawberries (they will taste much better if you wait until summer) and start experimenting with some of these less used items.

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Fall Healthy Made Simple What's in Season?

How To: Clean a Pomegranate

I get super excited when I see pomegranates show up at the farmer’s market (I got a little too excited- because I bought one yesterday and it was a little too early…please excuse the sad looking pomegranate in these pictures!!)

I LOVE using pomegranate for all kinds of things in the Fall months- salad dressing, parfait toppers, pancake syrup, marinade…or just a great, healthy snack- but the idea of cleaning a pomegranate can be a little intimidating. All of those great juicy seeds are protected by thick, maze like grooves- and trying to detach the seeds from their protectors can be quite the difficult and MESSY task.

A few years ago, I learned a great, easy and mess-free way to clean one of these nutrient rich- antioxidant packed gems. (I don’t remember where I learned this…maybe Martha Stewart??)

So, here is a step-by-step “How to clean a pomegranate” guide. Please excuse the ugly pictures!

1- Gather the tools you will need: A sharp knife, a bowl, a strong spoon, a cutting board, and your pomegranate.

2- Cut the pomegranate in half, horizontally.

3- Hold one side of the pomegranate, cut side down in the palm of your hand and then rotate your hand so that your palm, and the cut side of your pomegranate are facing the bowl.

4- Grab the spoon with your other hand and firmly hit the pomegranate with it…over and over as the seeds start to fall out….continue until all of the seed are in your bowl.

5- Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other side.

6- Enjoy the fruits of your labor, literally!

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Fall What's in Season?

What’s in Season- November

It’s officially November- and officially time to celebrate the flavors of Thanksgiving- hearty, comforting foods and rustic, earthy veggies. Yesterday, I went to my local Whole Foods to stock up on my favorite face lotion and body butter for the dry winter months (I LOVE their natural body products and their rich moisturizers)! While I was there, I couldn’t resist the temptation to browse the gorgeous produce section and be inspired for new Fall recipes.

They had such lovely looking produce- it reinforced my love of November and the beautiful way that God created food to grow in the exact season that you crave it! In the fall, nothing tastes better than a creamy potato soup, a sweet apple crumble, a roasted root vegetable medley, crisp and sweet pomegranate and juicy persimmon…and what do you know? That is exactly what is in season!

November’s Best Produce:

-Brussels sprouts
-Kale, Collards, and other greens
-Leeks (PERFECT for potato soup)
-Sweet Potatoes
-Watercress and salad greens

Now, when you read that list- I hope you get excited! This is going to be a fun month of cooking- and a great time to explore new ingredients and combinations. Cheers to November!

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What's in Season?

What the World Eats

Things have still been a bit crazy around here…not much time for cooking. I am ITCHING to get back in the kitchen! Our friend Rich gave me a tupperware full of figs last night, and even though we are staying at Gavin’s parent’s house, and I don’t have access to my normal kitchen things, I found some sugar and made a small batch of fig preserves as a little tester. (I have never made preserves before, so I wanted to make sure they turn out before I share the recipe)! They turned out great…so be expecting some figgy goodness here soon.

Even though I haven’t done much cooking lately, I have still been reading blogs…and I came across this awesome slideshow from TIME Magazine. It is highlighting a new book called What I Eat “a thought provoking portrait of individuals around the globe and the food that fuels them over the course of a single day.”

I found it very interesting…I love learning about food in other cultures, so this article sucked me right in!

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