Apple Bounty

I love the city.  It’s inspiring, challenging, full of life and energy.  But, every once in a while it is ESSENTIAL to get out…away from crowds and honking horns and hustle and bustle.  Getting out allows you to fully appreciate the city in all of it’s glory and fully appreciate nature in it’s divine design.

This weekend, Gavin and I made our way north and spent the day Saturday driving through adorable little towns, down gorgeous roads- surrounded by the vibrant colors changing leaves.  Ahhh…it was a much needed exhale!  We had only one goal- to pick apples at some point in the day.  

We stopped in an adorable little town and had brunch…not a New York City brunch- a brunch that felt like Georgia!  We found a little shop that reminded me an awful lot of the Rexall Drug Store in Duluth…casual, greasy, and it smelled like bacon.  It was perfect!

As we continued north,  we stumbled upon a beautiful apple orchard and fir farm (the perfect place to cut our Christmas tree later this year)…being that apple picking was the only real element on our agenda, we pulled in.  The first thing we saw- a bakery.  It had been about an hour since brunch- and when you are on an orchard and you arrive at bakery advertising apple cider donuts, apple crumb cake, apple strudel…HOW can you pass that by!?  So, before we started picking, we had a little fuel, in the form of an UN-believable apple crumb cake.

Then we bought our 1/2 bushel of apples and headed to the orchard to pick them.  We had a blast- and left the orchard with a beautiful bounty of tart, crisp apples!  The rest of the day was spent driving through Westchester County and taking it all in.  Breathing fresh air and enjoying a day outside of the city.  Now, I have a full stock of gorgeous apples ready to be baked, stewed and eaten fresh.  Here are a few of my favorite apple recipes from last year.  As I use up this stock, I’ll post new apple centric recipes too :

Baked Apples with Peanut Butter Crumble

Apple Cider Donuts

Apple Pie Parfait

Apple Crumble Muffins



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